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Every night when I was a little girl, Mother sat on my bed and with her expressive voice and face brought life to a Bible story. I knew the stories so well that sometimes the people seemed like distant relatives—grandfather Abraham, Uncle Paul, cousin Esther.

After discovering Elizabeth Speare’s book, The Bronze Bow, I realized people other than those I ‘knew’ had lived and loved and laughed during Bible times.


Thus began my quest to write the stories of the unknown people of Biblical times.
As a ten year old, my first attempt – an ambitious undertaking about the sister of Mary Magdalene – was typed on onion paper. (Remember that thin, easily erasable paper?)

Studying why people act and respond the way they do fascinates me. I have a master’s degree in School Counseling as well as one in Religious Education.

North Carolina born and bred, I currently live in Maryland.  My husband is a PTSD therapist. Our two adult children live on opposite coasts—one near Boston and one near Los Angeles. I’m thankful they are on the same continent!


I’d love to be part of your next women’s event. As a speaker and theatre arts minor, I often use drama to showcase a woman of the Bible whose challenges mirror our own. Topics in “Snapshots of a Woman’s Heart” include marriage, mothering, and communication.


Did you realize the Bible is the most shoplifted book in the world ?!



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